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The Vabori Australia Blog begins!

Hello Everyone,

Thank you for visiting the Vabori Australia Blog!

If you are not familiar with Vabori, we are an Australian family owned company which makes a high quality and 100% natural Olive Leaf Extract! Our extract is available in Natural, Peppermint and Mixed Berry Flavours!! Not to mention our yummy Olive Leaf Extract Lozenges and our soon to launch Olive Leaf Extract Capsules.

If you have any questions, we will try to address them in our blog, or on the Vabori Australia Facebook Page!


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Olive Leaf Extract Heart Health

February 2013 is Heart Health Month!!


That one of the exciting benefits of Vabori Olive Leaf Extract is that it can Improve Cardiac and Circulatory Health Maintenance in healthy adults. For February 2013 Heart Health Month, we challenge you to take 5mL three times per day of our Liquid Olive Leaf Extract formula, which is 25% stronger than other brands on the market (and it tastes nicer!). Will you take the challenge?

Why take Olive Leaf Extract?

Full of antioxidants, the most common being Oleuropein!Comes in a variety of flavours and sizes, great for the whole family!Follow the link to learn more about Olive Leaf Extract Benefits.

April Fitness

We all know how important health and fitness is to our everyday wellness! However, for some it can be quite confusing and more time is usually spent thinking about what to do or what to eat. I personally know that this has been the case for me!

Over the past few weeks I have put together a workout regime that is hopefully going to help keep me in my prime. However, what I have been struggling with the most is - what to eat!! Thankfully a family friend shared with me a meal plan that should help!

I suppose i should circle back to the real reason as to why you may be reading this post! How does olive leaf extract help my fitness? - Well there has been some research conducted recently that supports olive leaf extract is a good supplement for tissue repair. This news should come as good news to all the cardio and weight trainers out there!

Have you tried olive leaf extract as a post-workout supplement? Are there any other natural products that you supplement your fitness with?Get in touch wi…